SKのベルトベースモール v5.1 (0.16)

Factorio Blueprint: SK's Belt-Based Mall v5.1 (0.16)



After about 40 hours of total build time, it’s finally here. (Not that anyone has waited or asked for it)
I wasn’t very happy with my v4.1 mall, as I was relying on too many mixed belts to feed everything. This time I also took inspiration from Mike’s Mall.

It does not produce as many items as the previous version, because I decided to get rid of (almost) every warfare stuff.
It builds:
– Well, you can see it in the Image… I’m too lazy to list everything.
– There is something special though: At the far end you can set the assemby machine to either build Modular Armor, Power Armor or Power Armor Mk2. So you can build whatever is available to you.

Initially I intended to make additional lower tier versions of it, but I did not have any more patience to do it. So… Sorry

~~I hope that I cought every mistake and you do not have to fix anything.~~
Update #3:
* Changed the two stack filter inserters to normal stack inserters as it is a tiny bit faster (At least it should be if it is not constrained by the amount of copper coming in)… And I also forgot to set their filters in “Mike’s Edition”.

Update #2:
* Added the missing signals for the combinators. (Thanks for pointing out my mistakes)

Update #1:
* Now added the “Choose your own amounts” feature from Mike’s Mall (You can set your desired amounts by using the constant combinators)
* Mistakes have been made… and fixed
Have FUN


『Factorio』で利用できるブループリントの掲載ページへのリンクです。該当ページで表示されるコードをコピーして、ゲーム内のインポート欄にペーストすることで登録されます。"Factorio Blueprint Editor (FBE)" を利用してブループリントの完成形を確認することも可能です。


一部のブループリントはコードに不要な改行が入っており、データとして無効な形式になっていることが確認されています。『Factorio』で生成されるブループリントのコードには通常、改行 (\r\n) は含まれないため、コード内の改行を削除することでインポートが可能になる場合があります。




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