Krastorio 2 1.0.23用フルモジュールモールのデザイン – Rahbek/Valyrin

Factorio Blueprint: Fully modular Mall Design for Krastorio 2 1.0.23 - Rahbek/Valyrin


This is a Krastorio 2 adaptation of the Fully Modular Mall design by Rahbek. Original vanilla 0.17 version here Credit should go to Rahbek, as they had the idea and did almost all of the legwork. I have only edited the existing design to fit with Krastorio 2. I do not take credit for the original design.
Album link for all blueprints here:
Following description is taken from the original page, with small edits where necessary for this design.
* One Mall for everyone: 13 Elements, 1 Mainbus connector style & infinite combinations.
* Place in the order of YOUR liking
* LEAVE OUT or ADD multiple versions of the same module.
* Fully discriminatory and non-inclusive >:) Gears, automation cores, beams etc. are made on site. May work on a belted design some other time to fit with the original design’s multiple mainbus connectors
* Insane amount of underground belts? Check!
* Bot-Prime same day delivery – Provider chest for every product
* Almost all limited to 1 Stack unless it made sense to go for more (belts, trains, rails, …)
* Also Includes chest for dumping low tier items (Belt Stuff/Assembler)
* Simple and easy to handle full belt inputs – No need to mess with merging belts and products on the right lanes for desired outcomes
* Everything is belted that a sane person would have on their mains. – Only requests lubricant barrels (but allows piped input), steam engines (which can be made by the mall) and concrete (tell me you’re not just running on grass…)
* Fits between basic roboports if you use a roboport-grid for your base
* Accessible and useful early (red/green science):
* Does not use blue belt or Assembly Machine 3.
What does it not include? / What is it not?
* No wooden items / burner miners and similar starting items
* Ammo & Explosive items * Armor, Utility/Combat items & vehicles (power armor, tanks, …) which are not worth to automate unless you play on a big server but then I suggest a dedicated spawn area for that.
* The modules do not separate between research stages/ your progress in the game but instead are thematically sorted.
* That means there is only one version but since the upgrade planner is now part of vanilla I’m sure you’ll manage to upgrade the assemblers and belts if you so desire later in the game.
* As for items you haven’t researched yet: Since the BPs are small (unlike regular mall designs) you can always check easily what you were missing and what you need to add after researching it.
* Pro-Tip: Personally I remove assemblers which don’t produce anything yet after placing the BP as a reminder for later. Also allows me to just drop the BP down on top of it once I researched it.
* Science Labs & Coal powered furnaces. This one might be controversial but I believe most people build their lab array usually once and furnace scaling only really becomes a thing once you got beacons and modules with electric furnaces. A mall in my opinion is supposed to help you get those items that you require constantly or at least on a regular basis during your play session. If you need a lot of coal powered furnaces feel free to change the design (or rather just the recipe for the assembler)
* Modules (Efficiency, Speed & Productivity) as that belongs into a dedicated module factory as well (If you think that’s not true, then your factory is too small.)
* Krastorio 2 specific items (this may be coming in an update)
* Advanced Krastorio 2 items (anything requiring higher than rare metal ingots)
* May make an addon/second mall for higher up items, haven’t played the mod long enough to get there because I’ve been making this mall…
I recommend you eventually replace the passive provider chests with buffer chests for recyclable items later in the game (belts, inserters, assembly machines, etc). You can use a simple circuit with the inserters to only insert when the chest is say, half full. That way bots can automatically recycle your yellow and red belts into red and blue belts, respectively (thanks Redstylt!)
I recommend putting speed and productivity modules into the steel beams assemblers as they really slow down as the mall gets longer
Changelog: * v1.1k2_1: Initial release as fully modular design for Krastorio 2 0.9.9
* v1.1k2_2: Fixed belt input markers, had quartz duplicated
* v1.1k2_3: Exchanged a random requester chest for a proper passive provider chest in 04. Core Items
* v1.1k2_4: Removed extra red inserter putting iron sticks into the rails assembler
* v1.1k2_5: Fixed broken blueprint upload, update title
* v1.1k2_6: Updated the recipe for blue splitters
* v1.1k2_7: Lots of updates!
* 02 Belts
* Removed unnecessary inserters
* Updated recipe for blue splitters and undergrounds
* 04 Core Items
* Compacted
* Corrected power poles
* Removed extra inserters
* 14 Nuclear Power
* Updated recipe for Heat Pipes
* Updated recipe for Nuclear Reactor
* All BPs
* Inserters no longer grab from Mallbus main belts
* Standardized power pole placement
* Added/standardized lights
* v1.2.0
* Actual versioning number
* Added up to purple belts in the belts piece, as well as loaders (thank you Markus Alveblad)


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